Are The 4 Big Fields that important in Asian Culture?

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Let’s talk about something that needs to be addressed in Asian Culture. We as Asian culture always have the need to be at the top. Asian mindset of only Doctors, Lawyers, Judge that pays well, only those jobs can bring ‘honour’ to the family name. Only the weak or lazy get you low paying jobs or you did not hustle enough. This is an issue that has been going on for years and we can no longer deny its existence because it is not right. It may no longer be a widespread issue but believe me when I say, it still exists in secrecy. 


Do we know why though? Why do Asian parents want their children to be doctors and more so called the ‘4 big fields’ which consists of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Finance. Here are some reasons for that. In the past, way back in time, Doctors used to be viewed as super monks. They have the characteristic of kindness, high value, respect and used to be said to have a heart of impartiality and were said to devote their life to study and knowledge. This was because Doctors have ethics that no matter who that is the healing should be the same and as Doctors, there is a need to be in constant study to be better at their job. This kind of mindset, believe it or not, still exists and not only in Malaysia but all Asian countries. And as for the other 3 big fields, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The value of those jobs used to be respected similarly to Doctors, Lawyers also bear the responsibility to be impartial as well as righteous and full with good deeds, and as for Engineer and finance we, they are very highly valued jobs. But are all these that important even on today’s standards? Does it still need to be so? Answer is no. Here’s why


  1. Communication & Media

Have we ever thanked the people who help deliver news to us? Have we read an article or magazine and think, wow, I have this because someone is providing it for me. Communication and Media jobs are one of the most important jobs because these people bring you knowledge as to what is going on in this world. It helps you to understand the current situation, even to the point of risking their life on the battlefield to bring you closer to the incident in war nations. Without them, our life is still filled with unknowns and still we won’t be getting information across quickly and efficiently. Knowledge comes from reading and only by being able to read articles can we learn more and hence Communication and Media is one of the important jobs available for the good of everyone.


  1. Plumbing & Sewerage Service

Yes, they are one of the most disrespected jobs but yet it is the most important job. Just based on pure imagination, what happens when there is no one to help you clear a clog? What happens if the whole city is filled with rubbish and there is no one to help you with? Can you imagine how bad it would be if there is no one to help solve these problems? Hence, drainage cleaning in Malaysia is one of the most important jobs and we should not even look down on them for that because deep down, they are important jobs to keep the city clean and going.


  1. Nurse

When we go to be admitted into hospitals, who is the one who is taking care of you day and night in the ward? Nurses did. Without the work of nurses there will not be a way to have full recovery. Yes, Doctors are the one who would heal you of illnesses but Nurses are the one who administers the medicine and make sure you eat, sleep well and check your condition while you are in ward. Are Nurses jobs not as important as those of Doctors? 


  1. Farmworker

We cannot deny that we want to be fed and who is there to provide us with a chance of a good meal? Farmworkers, whether it is vegetables or even meats, are important and it is something we need to respect because if it is not for them then who is going to take up the role and provide us with raw materials? 

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These are only the 4 that we have mentioned but as a matter of fact, we cannot dismiss any other jobs because every job in this world serves a purpose and should be not looked down because for the world to work, every industry and worker needs to work properly and that will in turn give us better living and better society even more in unity for each other’s sake.

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