Why Should You Choose a Ductless Fume Hood

If you are setting up a medical lab, you need to be familiar with the different pieces of furniture you need to equip your facility with. Yes, for your lab to be functional, you must equip it with the needed furniture, one of which is the fume hood Malaysia.

What is a fume hood? This is a huge piece of equipment that is used to protect the medical lab while testing of different types of acids or toxins is going on. You can hardly find a medical lab without a fume hood as that would be quite dangerous for every person who is working in the said facility.

There are different types of fume hoods and one of which is the ductless type. This type is becoming more popular these days because of the following reasons:

  • One of the best reasons is the fact that you need not ask a pro to install the equipment. Your people can easily do that, considering there is no need to attach the equipment to a ducting system. This means that you can cut costs in this aspect. The process will also be quicker.
  • Another good thing when your fume hood is not attached to anything is that you can easily move it in case you want to rearrange things in the lab, or you just want it to be moved around, especially if there are more people using it. There are times when it will be easier to have the fume hood be moved than some users will be the ones to leave their desks.
  • It is actually safer, for those who are not aware of this yet. This is due to the additional filtration that is added, which aims to remove the contaminants that might be possibly circulating via the fume hood. With the ducted fume hood type, this is not available. This is because the fume hood just relies upon the HVAC system, and this can be quite risky to your medical lab.

There are still so many reasons why you should switch to a ductless fume hood if you happen to be using a ducted type right now. Once the need to change the equipment will arise, you should right away choose the ductless type instead. It will be safer, and to think that it is even more cost-effective. There is indeed no reason for you not to switch to this type.

When looking for a provider, make sure to do your research well. That is right as there are so many of them you can find online. Nevertheless, not all of them can satisfy your needs and the thing is, it will not be easy to tell. You really have to go through the old-school way, such as checking their merchandise and checking out online reviews.

It will be better as well if you will choose a provider with other types of the lab equipment available. This way you will not have to deal with more than one team.